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    Seascapes from around Cornwall and Wales.
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    Studies of boat shapes, reflections and harbour life.
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    Landscape studies from Cornwall and the Gower
  • Junction Exhibition
    A collection of paintings charting the journey between the Junction Gallery and Langland Bay.
  • Isles of Scilly
    A collection of paintings from the magical Isles of Scilly.
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The Gower

A body of work capturing the sea and landscapes of the Gower.

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Red Bracken, Rhossili#gallery 114
Red Bracken, Rhossili
39" x 27"
£595 original painting sold
Gower Headlands, Dusk#gallery 113
Gower Headlands, Dusk
10" x10"
£295 original painting sold
Racing Clouds, Rhossili#gallery 112
Racing Clouds, Rhossili
10" x10"
£295 original painting sold
Sea Holly and Marram#gallery 85
Sea Holly and Marram
39" x 32"
£525 original painting sold
Path to the Sea#gallery 80
Path to the Sea
20" x 40"
£375 original painting sold
Dusk Over Langland#gallery 79
Dusk Over Langland
20" x 30"
£375 original painting sold
Postcards from the Local Rag#gallery 78
Postcards from the Local Rag
40" x 40"
£750 original painting sold
Mumbles Skyline#gallery 77
Mumbles Skyline
20" x 40"
£475 original painting available from gallery
Shifting Path#gallery 65
Shifting Path
8" x 8"
£195 original painting sold
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